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Raven Dynamics

Aerospace engineering at the edge.

Recovery Systems - Propulsion - Hypersonics - HAPS

What we do.

Raven Dynamics has three primary areas of activity – recovery systems, hypersonics, and HAPS.
We also perform drop testing & flight testing for clients and have experience with propulsion systems

Recovery Systems

Our primary business – we design bespoke recovery systems to safely recover payloads from anywhere upto and including orbit.

We are actively pursuing designs to recovery payload fairings from small orbital launch vehicles.

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Through work in our other sectors we have developed some experience in HAPS (high altitude platform stations) along with the enviroment in which they operate i.e. the stratosphere. 

We have undertaken studies to recover payloads from HAPS and actively conduct test flights to the stratosphere to conduct internal and external research.

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Hypersonics Research

This includes CFD analysis and paper studies primarily linked to hypersonic transport.

Linked to our hypersonics research, we are also looking at waveriders and hope to have our first rocket propelled sub scale test vehicle launched very soon.

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Drop Testing & Flight Testing

Using a number of differnet UAVs, aerial platforms and small rocket systems, we can fulfil your drop or flight testing requirements.

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We are currently developing a new engine and test facility.

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