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Drop Testing and Flight Testing

Using our in house developed bespoke UAV test rig, we can perform low altitude drop testing for components and subsystems such as parachutes and deployment systems, avionics, rf systems etc.

Our powerful UAV can lift a maximum 5kg payload and drop this when and where required.

We can also arrange for higher level testing using aerial flight systems and meteorological balloons. We have flown a number of stratospheric missions to validate telemetry, sensors, cameras and other avionics as de-risking activities within a larger test campaign.

We also have the option to mount cameras and other sensors to our aerial test platform (aircraft) for testing data analysis and validation purposes.

Lastly, can have extensive experience in launching small to mid sized experimental rockets and can arrange launch services for similar activities to those mentioned for the other testing methodologies.

We also have over 25 years of experience in launch – both in the UK and internationally. This includes all the regulatory aspects of launch such a design, build and safety implications and are happy to advise clients.