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Selected Previous Work


testing in OJF

This project looked at a metamorphic parachute system. The canopy could change shape in a controllable way to address opening load reduction & canopy instability and allow variable drag configurations to be acheived.

Completed in 2021, this work was funded through the UK Space Agency.

Project Remora

This small module sits inside the payload fairings to gather data on the external conditions and forces (including plume interaction) experienced by various launch vehicle parts as they return to earth.

This project was funded by Innovate UK and successfully completed trials in 2023

Jettison Protection System (JPS)

This study is examining an extremely low SWaP recovery system for payloads on HAPS platforms.

This project was funded by Innovate UK with Raven Dynamics as one partner in a larger consortium and will complete by the end of 2023.